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Exhibitions at the moment

7th Annual On-Paper International Printmaking Exhibition. Oviedo, Spain

Award at 4th Bienal Internacional MiniPrint 2020 by Proyecte-Arte, Santa Fe, Argentina

​I´m proud to say that my print "See the light" (see this miniprint on Miniprints new under Pictures) was chosen to receive an award at this 4th MiniPrint exhibition in Santa Fe in Argentina. 195 artists and printmakers (out of more than 400 applicants) from the whole world were selected to exhibit in this 4th biennal.

Kopia av Logo 4th Bienal Internacionale

My latest experiments:

I have started to work with a very old technique from the 15th century - Mezzotint.

A very time consuming technique since you create burrs on an empty plate with a rocker tool. I do that in at least 20 different angles and then when printing it the burrs catches ink and will produce a very soft and rich blackness over the whole plate. When I have reached full blackness then I scrape and burnish these burrs down and through that create the motive. It's very time consuming but very rewarding. Nothing beats the rich blackness in a mezzotint!

Rockin the plate
Rockin the plate


Rockin the plate
Rockin the plate


Promotional video: for "Low key stories" from Bel Adore 

It has been a privilege to be chosen for doing the cover artwork as well as being a part of the promotional video for my friend Andreas Alm and the latest singe "Low key stories" that is to be found on both Spotify and YouTube.                                                       The video is shot, directed and produced by Mattias Hildingh in the print studio of KKV NV Skåne in Ängelholm

(KKV = Konstnärernas Kollektiv Verkstad / Artist Collective Print Studio Association) where I do my printmaking work.

Cover artwork: for "Low key stories" from Bel Adore