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Chine collée and Mixed Media prints

Is another way to create great prints. 

Chine collée is when using a very thin Asian paper f.i. mulberry paper and adhere it on a thicker "normal" printing paper. This way I can create fantastic colors on whole areas of a paper in a painterly way.  Using different tools and different amount of water when inking the paper gives different effects on the print.

Then it can be used as it is; printed together with a copperplate or together with embossing. It means that I add some steps in the creative process of printing - ink the mulberry paper in the color (colors) I want on both sides, attach the inked mulberry paper to a thicker printing paper with wheat paste glue. After that it has to dry for at least a week. Then it is time to decide if I want to use a copper plate and print that on the paper - inked or non-inked - and or embossing the paper through other materials such as cardboard to create a relief. Or leave it as it is...

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