Past exhibitions

Summer exhibition Art-Inn Pop-up Galleri in June - July - August.

This summer, different artists from KKV Nv Skåne, exhibited different artworks - Prints, Paintings, Sculptures etc. during three different periods (June, July and August) at the Art-Inn Pop-Up Galleri at Storgatan 26 in Ängelholm. Different artists will showed their art in each 2 week-period. I'm exhibited 10 artworks during July 12th - 24th.

Art-Inn grp 2.png

My first solo exhibition

This exhibition took place at Galleri Oscar, Lönhultsvägen 58 in Mjöhult between Viken, Höganäs and Jonstorp.

The exhibition opened on Saturday June 19th and had its finissage at Sunday July 4th.

gn på G O -21

Group exhibition Galleri Kronohäktet, Ängelholm

Tuesday May 25th - Saturday June 5th I parted in a group exhibition at Galleri Kronohäktet in Ängelholm together with fellow artists from KKV NV Skåne (Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Nordvästra Skåne). 


Grafikutställning (Printmaking Exhibition) at Galleri Moment, Ängelholm in April

From April 10th I exhibited six different prints together with some printmaking colleagues att KKV NV Skåne (Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad i Ängelholm) in Galleri Moment (for the moment in Gamla Rådhuset) at Stortorget in Ängelholm.

from Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper
from Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper

Galleri Moment, Ängelholm
Galleri Moment, Ängelholm

Galleri Moment April-21 av BMZ
Galleri Moment April-21 av BMZ

from Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper
from Helsingborgs Dagblad newspaper


19th LESSEDRA World Art Annual Print Exhibition 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria continues through January -21 

The exhibition, both on-line and in real life received extended time to January 31th.

At this International Juried exhibition in Lessedra Art Gallery in Sofia more than 600 artists from 38 countries applied.

200 were chosen and I was one of the 3 lucky ones from Sweden. 

LESSEDRA -20.png

MINI-GRAFIK exhibition November 7th - December 15th in Örebro, Sweden

From November 7th I took part of the Mini-Grafik exhibition at Örebro County Printmaking Group on Tullängsgatan 4 in Örebro, Sweden.

The exhibition showed prints made by 22 memberartists of ÖLG (Örebro Läns Grafikgrupp) and I am happy and proud to be able to say that Regart - Region Örebro Art Association have purchased one of my prints.

To the right are my six prints - all of them etchings in three or more colours. They can be seen under "My pictures" and "Miniprints".


4th Bienal Internacional Miniprint 2020 in Santa Fe, Argentina

from October 23rd throughout November - I, as one of two Swedish printmakers, took part in the juried

Miniprint exhibition by Proyecte-Arte in Laguna Paiva in Santa Fe, Argentina. Amongst 195 artists and printmakers

I'm very proud to say that my print "See the light" has been given the award Outstanding ("Destacados").

Kopia av Logo 4th Bienal Internacionale

Selected artists flyer 1 (kopia)
Selected artists flyer 1 (kopia)

"In between"
"In between"

Colouretching with carborundum, printed in three colours


40th MiniPrint International in Cadaques, Spain 2020 in Cadaques, in Barcelona and in Bages, France 

The MiniPrint International Organisation has its origin in Cadaques and is the biggest MiniPrint competition in the world with the biggest MiniPrint Collection at Taller Galeria Fort. The small village of Cadaques is situated at the coast north of Barcelona and host the MiniPrint International competition for the 40th time! The exhibition travelled from Cadaques on to Fundacio Tharrats d´Art Grafic in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona from end of October till mid November. From November 29th - January 17th the exhibition was at Galeri d´Etang D´Art in Bages (just outside Narbonne) in France

Culture week in Ängelholm - with the theme "TID" (TIME)

In the end of October there were several cultural happenings during Culture Week all over Ängelholm where artists from KKV NV Skåne, where I work, had an exhibition in Galleri Kronohäktet at Tingstorget in Ängelholm from October 23rd to November 1st.


8th Kazanlak MiniPrint International Exhibition 2020 August 27th - September 31st

A juried and International wellknown exhibition of mini-prints in the Art Gallery of Kazanlak in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The exhibition opened with a vernissage on August 27th and continued til September 31st. 

8th MiniPrint Kazanlak
8th MiniPrint Kazanlak

All artists
All artists

My prints
My prints

8th MiniPrint Kazanlak
8th MiniPrint Kazanlak


4th International Printmaking Triennal, Belgrade in June - September

The fourth International Printmaking Triennal - a yearly exhibition in order to promote printmaking and present contemporary printmakers from different cultural backgrounds. More than 400 artist from 43 countries applied for the Triennal and the pandemic coronavirus changed the plan for the actual exhibition in Belgrad and organized instead a virtual exhibition including the three award-winning artists from the 3rd International Printmaking Triennal amongst this years selected artists. This years exhibition started at June 30th and continued throughout September..

Promo 1.png
Promo 2.png

ENGRAVIST - International Virtual Engravist Printmaking Biennal, Turkey

A virtual graphic printmaking exhibition run by Engravist Organisation in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the Covid-19 times this turned into a virtual exhibition using 7 different galleries. Engravist was a juror chosen printmaking biennal and from thousands of artists 600 artists from 54 countries were chosen - and I was one of two lucky ones from Sweden. The exhibition took place during June - September 2020. Below the pictures You can click on the Engravist Catalogue - my picture was exhibited in the Burgundy Hall and is to be seen on page 354.

catalogue participants Burgundy Hall
catalogue participants Burgundy Hall

catalogue Burgundy hall
catalogue Burgundy hall


catalogue participants Burgundy Hall
catalogue participants Burgundy Hall


Pandemic transgrafia 2020 - by International Print Trienniale Society Krakow

During mid April - June (possibly longer) I was a part of the on-line exhibition dedicated to the Covid-19 virus pandemi,

called Pandemic Transgrafia -20. It was an exhibition open for printmakers all over the world. 


SOMMARUTSTÄLLNING at Art-Inn in Ängelholm

We, the artists at KKV NorthWest Skåne had during summer a 

Pop-Up Gallery called Art-Inn, where our art was exhibited in 2 week periods from June 15th to August 31st with different artists each period.

The first period was June 15th - 27th where a mix of Graphic prints, Paintings, Ceramic art and Textiles was exhibited.


10th International Triennal of Small Graphic Forms 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania

This jurored printmaking exhibition took place between March 10th - April 4th at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms in Vilnius has been held since 1994. This year's exhibition had more than 250 applicants and the jurors selected works by 81 artists from 19 countries around the world and I was lucky enough to have 4 prints chosen. The biggest contributing artist countries were Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Japan and Belgium.

Catalogue 10th Vilnius.jpg

"TRE KOPPARGRAFIKER" at Galleri Kronohäktet, Tingstorget in Ängelholm Feb 21st - March 1st

an exhibition with 2 other artist colleagues from the KKV NV Skåne Printstudio in Ängelholm.

We showed graphic pictures printed from copperplates on high qualitative print paper during end of February in to March 1st.

utst affisch koppargrafiker (kopia).png

BIGAI 2019 - 1st International Biennal of Engraving and Printed Art - for little formats.

This juror decided exhibition took place at the Superior Museum of Fine Arts of Evita Ferreyra Palace in Cordoba, Argentina. It started at March 20th and continued for a month over Easter. 

The exhibition showed two different parts - Student exhibition and Professional exhibition and I had two prints exhibited at the exhibition for Professional printmakers.


5th International Biennial of Small Etching - Graphium in Timisoara, Romania

At the 5th edition of GRAPHIUM in Timisoara, Romania there were 132 participants chosen by the jurors. I was one of the two selected Swedish participants and all of my three pictures were chosen to be displayed from mid December 2019 to the end of January 2020.


12th Biennal International Miniature Print Exhibition 2019/20

between December 5th - January 9th 2020 at The Bendheim Gallery by Greenwich Art Council in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Bendheim Gallery
Bendheim Gallery

International MiniPrint Show Bendheim Ga
International MiniPrint Show Bendheim Ga

Bendheim Gallery
Bendheim Gallery



New York International Miniature Print Exhibition 2019 at Manhattan Graphic Center in New York City - in November 2019.


"Crossing borders" - BIBP 2019

The 3rd Bucharest International Print Biennale in Romania. From November 16th - December 21st at Muzeul National al Literaturii Române in Bucharest.


"LUFT" - a group exhibition with artists from Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad in Northwest Skåne.

During the culture week in Skåne, Sweden. Open from October 25th - November 1st 2019 at Galleri Kronohäktet in Ängelholm.

KKV affisch Luft okt 2019.jpg

39th Mini Print International Exhibition 2019 - Travel-exhibition in Spain, United Kingdom and France

in Cadaques, Spain June 29th - September 30th at Wingfield Barns Gallery, Wingfield, UK  July 13th - September 1st,

at Fundació Tharrats d´Art Gràfic in Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) October 11th - November 3rd and

in Galleria L'Etang d'Art in Bages, France November 16th - January 19th.       

The MiniPrint International has its origin in Cadaques and there is the biggest MiniPrint Collection in the world at Taller Galleria Fort. The small village of Cadaques is situated at the coast north of Barcelona and is village where Salvador Dali spent many years of his life. It  has a great Salvador Dali museum.

39th logo

12th Biennal International Miniprint Exhibition June 2nd - September 1st in 2019

At the Center for Contemporary Printmaking I exhibited 3 Miniprints at the juried 12th Biennal International Miniprint Exhibition in Norwalk, Connecticut during June 2nd - September 1st (extended from August 25th). Later during 2019 this exhibition travelled to Bendheim Gallery in Greenwich.

190406 12th Biennal at CCP.png

Vidgade Vyer - KKV Printstudio Members groupexhibition June 29th - July 10th 2019

at June 29th - July 10th we had an exhibition at Galleri Kronohäktet in Ängelholm. The vernissage were at Saturday

13.00 - 18.00 on July 29th. This exhibition was a mix of the artists connected to KKV Printstudio and a mix of different types of art,

not only graphic prints.

Vidgade vyer -19


A juried spring exhibition with artists from Northwest Skåne shown at Krapperup Gallery, Höganäs, Skåne, Sweden.

Kullasalongen 2019
Kullasalongen 2019

The yearly springexhibition from Kullabygdens Art Society at Krapperup slott in Skåne.


Etching with carborundum, 20x30cm.


Etching with carborundum, 15 x 20cm.

Kullasalongen 2019
Kullasalongen 2019

The yearly springexhibition from Kullabygdens Art Society at Krapperup slott in Skåne.