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Gunnar Nilmén - printmaker and graphic artist

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I work with different techniques - etchings, drypoint and mezzotint; photo polymer; chine collée, collagraph, embossing and Artist Book´s  - and sometimes I mix them all in one picture.

Graphic art and printmaking fascinates me due to the meeting between creativity and handicraft. I don't do sketching on paper first, but I have an idea of what to do. When etching, my idea meet the copperplate material which have its own will in a way and the ferry chloride in the etching bath has its own will as well. So I never know exactly what will be on the print paper when I do the first test-print. That is fun, exiting  and challenging!

I mostly work on copperplates, but sometimes also on acrylic plates (for drypoint). Etchings in different techniques and printing both in colour as well as black and white. Small (MiniPrints) plates and bigger plates. I use several types of print papers - the thicker the better and all are of course acid free cotton paper.

All my prints are hand-pulled (printed by hand) in small editions by me.

​I like abstract pictures where there is a tension between the light and the dark combined with a balance of the composition. Heavy bitings on the copperplate combined with carborundum to "build up" the plate creates interesting reliefs in the printmaking.

I have taken up graphic art and printmaking again after a "small" brake for 30 years....

Since Autumn 2018 I'm a member of Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Nordvästra Skåne - KKV NV Skåne. KKV is an Artist & Printmaker association that have workstudios for artists  all over Sweden. Not only print studios  but painting, sculpture, textile, ironwork, ceramics etc. At KKV NV Skåne there is a wellequipped Printstudio in Ängelholm, a small town in southwest Sweden, where I work several days per week.

I´m also a member of NVSK Nordvästra Skånes Konstnärs Förening (Konstrundan), Kullakonstnärerna (Kullabygdens Artist Group) in Höganäs, Skåne in Sweden and ÖLG - Örebro Läns Grafikgrupp (Örebro County Printmakers), Örebro in Sweden. 

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