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Mezzotints and Drypoints

These old techniques are 100% non toxic printmaking techniques, made by creating burrs on the copperplate with hand tools like a rocker and a drypoint needle. These burrs in the plate holds the ink and gives a very soft and rich blackness when printing. 

- Mezzotint is done with a tool called rocker which is worked on the plate in 24 different angles in order to create a rich tone of the inkcolour. The motive is created by scraping, burnishing and polishing down the burrs so these areas doesn't hold much ink. The motive will be like an old-fashioned photonegative.

- Drypoint is done with a drypoint needle where the motive is "drawn" in the plate. The line and the burrs holds the ink and create a very soft but rich color of what has been "drawn" in the plate. 

"Underneath that glossy surface I"

"Underneath that glossy surface II"

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