Next exhibition:

BIMPE XI - the 11th International MiniPrint Exhibition

A jurored exhibition with MiniPrints that will be during Autumn 2022

in Vancouver in Canada. More info will come.


5th Bienal Internacional MiniPRINT 2022 by Proyecte Arte in Laguna Paiva, Santa Fe, Argentina

A jurored miniprint-exhibition with Proyecte Arte in Santa Fe that will open during Autumn 2022. More than 450 applicants with 184 chosen to participate where of 3 from Sweden. 

I'm happy to be one of the 20 "Destacados" - Honorable Mention for outstanding work by the jurors. 


Kulturnatten Höganäs 2022

Exhibition with artists from Kullakonstnärerna in September 2022.

More info will come

Exhibition in Gävle - October 15th - 30th 2022

Together with printmaking-colleagues in ÖLG (Örebro Läns Grafikgrupp) I'm invited to exhibit at

Gävle Konstgrafiker exhibition hall in Gävle.

More info will come.

Gävle Konstgrafiker.png

GRAFIK till 1000 - printmaking exhibition in Örebro November 2022.

A print exhibition with smaller prints at ÖLG Printstudio.

The yearly exhibition connected to Open Printshop starting in the end of October continuing throughout November.

More info will come.

Julsalongen at Krapperup Konsthall, Höganäs

An exhibition with artists from Kullakonstnärerna with opening at Friday November 25th. The exhibition is open November 25 - 27th, December 2 - 4th and 9 - 11th.

More info will come

Solo exhibition at Sölvesborg Konsthall Jan/Feb 2023

I have been invited by Sölvesborg Art Society to have a solo exhibition during January/February 2023 in their art gallery (Sölversborgs Konsthall).

More info will come


Solo exhibition at Gallery Båstad & Bjäre Art Society in Båstad during March/April 2023

I have been invited to have an exhibition at BBK Gallery (in Båstad Library & Culture house) together with Inga Modén (glassartist), with opening at March 23rd to April 26th.

More info will come


Solo exhibition at Örkelljunga Culture house during Autumn 2023

I have been invited to have a solo exhibition at the gallery in Örkelljunga Culture House.

A solo exhibition that is booked for October 2023.

More info will come.