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The "Still..."-series.

A series of 99% black and white etchings of well known art from which I have done paraphrases on.

Paraphrase - free interpretation and creation of a picture or text where the original context or meaning is kept.

The "Still..."-series consists of pictures that I like very much - either the picture itself or the artist behind - and they have also inspired me very much. I have used the picture but I have done it "my way". This series consists today of pictures all in the same 20x30cm size and all in black and white. The serie is called "Still ... (plus something)" that reminds of the original picture or the original title. F.i. the first one - which is a paraphrase on "The newspaper reader" or "Mr Simmons" by the eminent Swedish graphic printmaker Axel Fridell - and its called "Still reading". Today it is eight pictures, but more is on the way...

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