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Current exhibitions

9th International Triennial of Graphic Arts Sofia 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

My three prints "Before awakening"; "Awakening" and "A new dawn, a new day, a new life" have all three been selected for this jurored exhibition that takes place every third year at the Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian artists in Sofia. The grand opening is on December 5th and the exhibition closes at this gallery at January 31st 2024 but will continue during 2024 in several places in Bulgaria. 


22nd Mini Print International Exhibition 2024 at Menino Arts Center in Boston, MA in USA

I'm happy that my etchings "Landscape" and "Looking out" are selected by the jurors of this 22nd international exhibition in Ithaca, New York continues from Februari 5th in Boston, MA in the United States.

The exhibition starts at Februari 5th and continues to March 3rd.

Kopia av 22nd Mini Print 8.5x11 Posters.jpg
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