MiniPrints - older (1986-87)

MiniPrints are graphic pictures that is maximum 10x10cm. I like to do the MiniPrints cause it gives me a possibility to test different techniques and it goes fairly quick. There are many juried MiniPrint competitions and exhibitions around the world and its fun to compete and compare oneself with other graphic artists on the globe. Its also a great possibility to see what's going on at the graphic scene in the world as well as to learn from others. I have in my previous printmaking life sent and been accepted by the jurors in several MiniPrint Biennals, amongst them the MiniPrint Biennal in Cadaques in Spain - where one of the biggest MiniPrint collection exists.

MiniPrint - colouretching "No title I",  3,7 x 6,4cm. from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "No title II", 3,9 x 6,3cm. from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "No title III",  7 x 5cm, from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "No title IV", 6,5 x 5,7cm. from 1987. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "Blå himmel", 5,4 x 4cm, from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "Kustlinje", 5,5 x 4,9cm, from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "No title VI", 5,4 x 6,0cm, from 1986. Private


MiniPrint - colouretching "No titel V", 6,9x6,0cm, from 1986. Private