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My pictures

I work with printmaking and graphic art - created on plates made of copper, carton or light sensitive photopolymer emulsion and printed on different types of high qualitative special acidfree printpaper. When a plate is ready I ink the plate and print it by hand (hand pulled) on a damped paper in a special printing press. After printing  the ready print need to dry under pressure for a week so both paper and ink becomes fully dry. If the ready print then is approved by me I number and sign it by hand. Every print is an original.

All my pictures are handpulled and approved by me, and always printed in small editions. The color etchings are mostly made on one plate inked with "a la poupée" technique, so they are not 100% the same through an edition. Which I like, they become more unique that way.

Hoover over "My pictures" and you'll see several sub categories - etchings, drypoint. mezzotints, photopolymers, chine collée etc.

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